August 4, 2020

Puyallup Cohousing continues to adapt to the Covid crisis. We are trying to form a core group online with minimal physical contact. We are in heavy ‘networking’ mode to grow the group and would very much appreciate it if you could pass on this email to anyone in your life that might be interested. Below are some of the most recent activities:

1) Virtual Tour of the farm:
We have created a short 4 minute YouTube video that gives a sense of the farm, the local area, and some thoughts about cohousing in general. Please take a look and let us know what you think!

2) Website modifications and improvements:
We have updated the website with more information, particularly on the ‘Resources’ section. We have included a few cohousing videos from both PBS and TED that are worth a look. Additionally, we have included some recommended books, especially one called ‘State-Of-The-Art Cohousing’ that chronicles the very successful development of the Quimper Village Cohousing Community in great detail. This book is as close as it gets to a cookbook for developing Cohousing and we hope to use it as a model for our community - highly recommended reading!

3) Meetup:
The Puyallup Cohousing Meetup group is holding a Zoom meeting twice a month on 1st Thursdays and 3rd Tuesdays. Anne-Marie (who lives next door to Puyallup in Bonney Lake) will be facilitating the meetup and has already scheduled several events on the Meetup Calendar. Our next meetup is this coming Thursday, August 6th at 7PM. All are welcome, of course, and it’s a great way to meet other interested folks and get your questions answered.

4) Virtual Potlucks:
We are already planning to expand the meetups to include virtual potlucks. Stay tuned

5) Distribution list cleanup:
This email is going out as .bcc to ~70 people that have expressed interest in Puyallup Cohousing. We will continue to send out infrequent status updates to the large list that you find yourself on as a recipient of this email. Our hope is that those of you who have expressed casual interest in our progress will find these ‘newsletter-like’ emails sufficient.

There are about 15-20 of you that filled out the contact form in the last six months, but that we have not yet spoken with in person on the phone. We will try to use the month of August to set up individual calls to get a feel for your level of interest.

In Community,
Mike Slama