June 13, 2020

Puyallup Cohousing would like to announce the creation of a Meetup Group.  If you are interested in exploring Puyallup Cohousing in more depth you can join at: 

As with the rest of the world, we are struggling to adapt to the Covid crisis.  Things like physically getting together for presentations, potlucks and fun events are not likely for months, if not years.  But the needs to socialize, get to know potential neighbors, and trade ideas need to be met somehow. We must develop online alternatives to the traditional physical ways of group-forming.  

Our strategy (today anyway…) is as follows:  

1) We will continue to send out status updates to the large list that you find yourself on as a recipient of this email.  These status emails will be characterized by being:

a) infrequent (1-2/month), 
b) anonymous (.bcc), and 
c) ’one-way’ with no attempt to engage comments or discussion.

Our hope is that those of you who have expressed casual interest in our progress will find these ‘newsletter-like’ emails sufficient.

2) For those of you who just might be a little more serious and could consider joining Puyallup Cohousing if it was a good fit for you, we’ll be using the meetup group.  We anticipate the meetup group will be characterized by:

a) more frequent communication, with an emphasis on education about cohousing
b) more personal, sharing photos, histories, hopes and dreams for an ideal community, etc
c) interactive and very much aimed at fostering communication among future residents

Anne-Marie (who lives next door to Puyallup in Bonney Lake) will be facilitating the meetup and has already scheduled several events on the Meetup Calendar. The first event is scheduled this coming Tuesday, June 16th.

3) We will continue to use the website to collect contact information.  If you know anyone in your life that might be interested, please have them go to PuyallupCohousing.org and fill out the contact form.  

4) For now, we are planning to continue the Zoom general status meeting on the first Wednesday of each month, so remember to block the time on your calendar: The July Puyallup Cohousing Zoom monthly status meeting will be on Wednesday, July 1st at 7PM PST.  An invite and agenda will be sent out to this list a couple days in advance.  (This monthly meeting may change depending on how the meetup goes.)

In Community,
Mike Slama